San Diego // Session

Mid-City CAN



  • Important for immigrants to know their rights as San Diego area is called a "Constitution Free Zone" -- there is a lot of racial profiling and anyone can be pulled over while driving to check their id and deported if they don't have it
  • There are jobs in San Diego, but they are minimum wage
  • You actually need to speak English and Spanish to get work -- English or Spanish-only speakers are at a disadvantage
  • North and South San Diego are very different -- people assume San Diego is all beaches and fun, but there is a strong population of homeless and people struggling to make it with minimum wage jobs


  • Jovan, one of the San Diego State students did not vote in the last election and is not registered. He said he didn't follow the election because he didn't want to give Trump any more news hits. Consuelo said she was going to register him and the other young student before they left that night -- and she did!
  • Both Ema and Patricia who are older, were born in Mexico. They did not come through the main border (maybe through the hills?) Because of that, they have no record of entering and this makes it impossible for them to get their papers. They're also too old to be covered by the Dream Act. When asked why they can't get their papers, they said "People tell us to just stand in line, but there is no line (for us)."


  • Due to varying quality of projectors, recommend we change all gray text to black. Convert any white backgrounds to darker color and bump up the size of the text on the video.
Jonathan Ota