San Joaquin Valley


Session A - Adults
4670 E.Butler Ave.
Fresno, CA 93702
Advisors - Luis Santa, Sean Borelli
organization - REading and beyond


SESSION B - Adults
Lowell Elementary School
171 N Poplar Ave,
Fresno, CA 94701
ADVISORS - LUIS SANTA, Roberto Maqueda
Organization - REading and beyond


What we're hearing.

Session A

  • I’m so stuck in my daily routine that's it's hard to think about the bigger picture.

  • I don’t speak up because people don’t listen to someone like me.
  • My past doesn’t define me, but it definitely shapes my opportunities.
  • Pursuing higher education is a catch 22. It may not pay off and creates more burden. 

Session B

  • Every problem goes back to being an immigrant.
  • I hustle, and find resourceful ways to make money and support my family.
  • Because of my status, I feel invisible. 

The violence has gone up. There have been 3 shootings since I moved in. One person has died.
— Karen, 29, single mom