Salinas // Session B



  • Similar to SEIU in that they're very activated as a community (makes sense given CCA connection) -- many at table had voted, marched for immigration reform, written letters, posted on social media...many had "done it all)
  • When looking at voice options, they agreed that showing a united front and working together was most effective and important
  • Several of the most dude dudes at the table talked about environmental sustainability as their hope -- stop cutting down the forest, recycling, no pesticides
  • Lots of talk about unfairness of Ag work, i.e., corruption plus lack of rights -- corruption equaled not paying them for work, rights was their lack of benefits and not being able to take paid vacations, holidays or sick days
  • Strong desire to learn English
  • Talked about lack of housing -- not just that it's not affordable, there is no supply
  • Worries about kids working ag in the summer and making enough money to think it's okay to drop out of school


  • One older gentleman looked at the board of challenges and said the only way to tackle them was through strong leadership and they just didn't see that today (frustrated by Trump win) or know where strong leaders would come from
  • Talked about staffing agencies controlling the work (similar to Fresno) and how that dehumanizes them even more and makes them more expendable
  • Talked about gang violence flaring up during the growing off-season -- getting really bad
  • CCA wants to have more after school programs to keep kids off the streets and getting involved in gangs

Things I Would Change

  • If possible, avoid super huge groups of non-speaking (know this is somewhat wishful thinking) as it makes it really hard to connect with each person on an individual level
  • Definitely make an effort to sit at the table with them (difficult when it's crowded) so that as a facilitator, I am on the same level -- super awkward to be hovering over people and hard to read their name tags
Jonathan Ota